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  • Seeds without question without liability company
    At the beginning of this year, Meihekou City, many villagers chose Dalian Pulandian a The Seed Company production "to Thai No. 3" seed corn, because of emergence rate is too low and large area reduction. The farmers thought is the seed, seed management station can be identified by the provincial organization expert group found the reason of reduction of output, not in the seed, but with the topography and soil types and weather continued
  • How to hold the hand of seed enterprises to cultivate large family
    In the rural areas more and more large plantations and specialist. Because of their arable land area of more than ordinary farmers, the use of large amount of agricultural products, the technical level of cultivation is relatively high, in the ordinary farmers have bigger influence, therefore, planting large for seed distribution enterprises has great attraction. At the same time, planting large all factors for agricultural production in a high degree of attention, relevant product information and technical mastery is also quite thorough
  • [2014-12-22]Farming will listen to voices of farmers -- spring ploughing season go grassroots knowledge
  • [2014-12-22]The national seed industry science and technology achievements property rights trading platform to s
  • [2014-12-22]The meticulous service "three rural"
  • [2014-12-22]Sinochem Group: create a service of modern agriculture national card
  • [2014-12-22]In 2014 Chinese seed industry credit evaluation results
  • [2014-12-22]The marketing mode of seed enterprises suggestions
  • [2014-12-22]Chinese agricultural modernization road of the powerful nation of seed industry
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  • Deep two excellent
    Ryuhei GAOKE, AVA focus on the promotion of varieties, the varieties of Indica Hybrid rice. In the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River for one season rice planting, the whole growth period of an average of 136.8 days, compared to the control 1.8 days II you 838......
  • CNS
    The species of the genus indica conventional rice. In the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River as the double season rice planting, the whole growth period of an average of 109 days, 733 0.6 days longer than the control of Zhejiang province. Good plant type, medium tillering ability, a sturdy stem
  • basal application
    Boron is a trace element, is very obvious to the rape, cotton and other field crops and vegetable, fruit trees, gardens, flowers and other economic crops fertilizer, can effectively promote the crop growth, prevent bud without flowers, flowers and not real, flower and fruit drop, improve crop resistance